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Hairstyles of Zaheer Khan

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   Zaheer Khan made his One Day International debut against Kenya at Nairobi in October 2000 and earned his Test cap against Bangladesh at Dhaka next month in November 2000. When he entered his cricket career he was upholding a very simple look with a natural hairstyle of short and simple hair. He has travelled a long and successful journey since then and along with different shaded of his career, his hair has also taken different perspective from time to time.
   In his initial year he used a side partitioned short hair. His hair has enough volume to pull off any style. His hair has a brownish touch that goes well with his complexion. After sporting this simple hairstyle, Zaheer khan chose to change the look a bit. He then opted for a manlier back brushed look in short cut hair without any former partition. With proper set gel, this cut gave a strong and non messy look to his personality on field.
   The Indian Premier League has spotted Zaheer Khan in a slightly different look in its initial years. He has let his hair grow to a medium length over his ear and has opted for casual and multi sized locks. He was also spotted in soft curls during some matches. Soon after he was seen in shorter than an inch hairstyle which is considered as the lightest kind of hair he has ever worn.
   Other than these simple haircuts, Zaheer Khan has also opted for proper makeovers from time to time. One of such special mentions can be made out of his change in hairstyle before the World Cup. L’Oreal Professionnel in association with Celebrity Stylist Kanta Motwani of Kromakay styled Zaheer Khan in INOA hair color before the World Cup season. The hairstyle mainly cropped the hair short from the side portion of the scalp to bring military touch to the look. The middle portion of the hair is made to stand out with the spiky haircut and highlights.
   Not only the hairstyle but also the colour used for hair makeover was a matter of discussion with regard to Zaheer Khan Hairstyle. Kanta Motwani had given Zaheer a combination of brown and warm blonde through his hair along with a flash of platinum for an edgy look that brings out a more daring and a playful side to him. The new hair color by INOA was considered ammonia and odour free that successfully highlighted the prime features of the hairstyle. The hairstyle undoubtedly pulled off his good looks during the World Cup. India’s most reliable bowler’s golden highlights were a pleasant change from his good boy looks.
   As a matter of fun fact, he was spotted in an hair color event organised by a hair colour manufacturing firm, was an attempt to enter the Limca Book of Records by colouring more than 1500 persons’ hair within a span of 12 hours. He actually picked up a brush to contribute to the cause.
The latest addition to his hairstyles was made in Boxing Day test match between India and Australia at Melbourne last December. Zaheer Khan’s new hairstyle looks similar to Rajnikanth in the movie Sivaji with long strands with frontal waves in a very dark shade of black.

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