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Medium Hairstyles for Men

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   Medium hairstyle for men is taking hold of the market steady and slow. It can suit any kind of men in any profession starting from a jock to a corporate hunk. It considered that if your hair extends 2 to 5 inches beyond your hairline, then it can be called a medium hairstyle for men. Also their look can be more and better improvised is you have the availability of various hair product like gel, creams etc. Various styles can be listed in this category.


How to look like a punk

   Spikes are more than essential if you want the hairstyle like a proper punk. It can only be made out of medium length hair. Also you will need hair gel which has a thick base. It needs to be applied straight up along the hair length at proper head locations so that spikes can be formed which goes with the shape of your face.


How to bring the messy look

   The “just out of bed look” is so much in demand that it brought to fashion the shabbiness. For this you cannot have equal length hair all over your head. There need to multiple lengths. After putting loads of hair gel your need to mess them up. The hair gel make this messed up look permanent so that you can look like that the whole day which jocks really prefer.

Can you be modern and have
Medium hairstyle for men
Your hair cannot be systematic and same sized if you want to look modern. There should be random lengths in your hair as it is important for the modern look hairstyle. You can always dye them according to your persona. The best way to bring about that look is to brush all the hair from front to back and gel them down. There, now who looks modern?

Now a day no man is limited to one specific look. Everyday is assigned for a new look and every new look should come along with a new hairstyle. Such variety in hairstyle can only be explored in medium length hair. That is why it is very important for men to know best medium hairstyle for men. If the hair is short then hardly any different style can be made out of it than the original. And in case your hair are too long then they either need to be held down or tied up because they cannot hold any particular style for very long independently even if supplied with huge amount of gel or moulding cream.

Though there are no defined criteria as such for best medium hairstyle for men but to start somewhere a proper length need to be defined for keeping the hair medium in length. Minimum 2 inches length is required beyond the lower hairline to be called as medium hairstyle. This length can further keep on growing till 5 inches but not beyond that. If it is more than 5 inches then in place of being medium length hairstyle it just qualifies for a long hairstyle. Medium length hair is also very friendly towards hair related toiletries which brings out the style in them. Below are listed few options that men can avail to improve there look and have best medium hairstyle for men.

If you want to look like a punk!
When you have loads of spikes standing out from your scalp, that famous retro look is popularly called the punk style. This particular kind of hairstyle requires that all the hair of your head should be of same length. Also the spikes that will define this look need to be neatly straightened and there should be no mess about it. The densest hair gel is required for meeting the ends of this hairstyle. Your selective bunch of hair need to be applied with this gel while to stretch them upward in manner of pressing. Repetition of this action will result in very smart spikes.

How to have a day long “out of bed” look?
Generally scissors or shaving kits are used to bring about the hair required for this hairstyle. Your hair should never be even for this purpose. No pattern need to be followed for this haircut. All you need to do is reasonably shorten them up from different places but not make yourself look odd. After that your hair need to soak in a loads of hair gel on them. It is very important to shake up your hair before that hair gel settles down which will in turn just mess up the hair. Now just don’t touch your hair and let them be messy for the rest of the day. Its totally up to you to pull off this smart look.

Are you “modern” enough?
Like the last two looks, this particular look also need a proper medium length haircut. Though the hair need to be different in length still there should be a systematic trimming present in them. Then need to be long and short in a particular alignment throughout the head. It is never suggested to make your hair sit on your head with loads of gel just to look decent. This style required a proper back brushing of hair which brings out the corporate look in you. Based on your skin tone and personality, you can choose from wide ranges of hair colour to add up to the style. There are best reflected in this kind than the other hairstyles.

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