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Hair Care and Growth Tips

In this fashion oriented world, everyone wants to look good and feel confident from within. There are several ways through which we can make ourselves look better and stylish, and our hair style play a major role in our looks. The kind of hair style we maintain renders an impression of our personality. However, it is also true that to try out different hairstyles we need to maintain our hair very carefully. It is too important that we must take proper care of our hair, so that it can easily withstand the harsh environment we live in. 

Maintaining a proper hygiene of our hair is very crucial. In this busy environment we usually do not get much time for hair care. Harsh chemicals and over processing of hair through hair dryers and straightening irons can definitely take a toll on the health of our hair. For this reason, we should always take care of our hair by using good quality shampoo and conditioners, proper and regular combing, and going for the natural ways which can nourish the hair from its root. Most importantly, we must maintain a proper and healthy diet by including vitamins and essential nutrients in our diet.  

How to deal with dry hair in a natural way?
If your hair lacks moisture and the required softness, it usually indicates lack on sebum. Sebum is secreted from the sebaceous glands which are present on the scalp. It acts as a natural protection and it keeps our hair soft and moisturized. But, lack of sebum and harsh environment damages the cuticle of our hair. Along with, evaporation also leads to dull and dry hair. So, to deal with such problems it is crucial to consume foods rich in fatty acids and vital micronutrients. It brings back the lipidic blockade which in turns prevents the loss of moisture from our scalp. In this way, we can regain the lustier and softness of our hair.  

How to deal with over processed hair?
People always try to experiment with their hair by using various equipments, such as hair straightening machines, powerful hair dryer, dyes, etc. Due to over processing of hair it becomes fragile and coarse. As a result, we find it more difficult to manage and untangle our hair and it becomes easily breakable as well. The best way to deal with this type of problem is to go for extensive treatment for the restructuring of hairs. It will provide strength to hair’s fibre.

Take proper care of hair’s fibre
Women often complain about the color of their hair. No matter what is the color of your hair, if it is not healthy it will never look good. Healthy hairs always have high density of color pigments. Along with, it will also render amazing shine to your hair. Therefore, it is essential to protect your hair by nourishing it properly.  

How to deal with hair loss?
Hair loss is undoubtedly one of the most common hair related problems these days. There are various reasons behind hair loss, such as pregnancies, fatigue, depression, stress, excessive production of sebum, etc. Nevertheless, the prime reason it related to hormones. Testosterone combined with an enzyme called 5-Alpha Reductase results to reduced hair growth. But, there are some medicines which can effectively slow down the production of such hormones. 

Shampoo for Hair Care
Hair problems like dandruff have always bothered us. It is usually the result from the accelerated regeneration of the epidermis layer of the skin. Anti dandruff shampoos are the best way to prevent the formation of dandruff in the scalp. Along with, it also washes away excess of sebum from the scalp.  


Hair Tips

Hairs certainly play a vital role in framing our personality. The way we manage our hair gives an indication of our life style and sense of style as well. The health and lustier of hair speaks about the health of the person. It is needless to mention that baldness is something which we want to avoid at any cost. And, to ensure it we follow various methods and tips to keep our hair healthy and strong. However, there are many people who always suffer from hair related problems, even after spending significant amount of money behind it. But, it is necessary that we always make it sure that we are following the right hair tips. For this reason, let me provide some helpful and important information about proper hair care.

There is no doubt that hair related problems can be classified into several types. The method to deal with them is also quite different from each other. So, let us check out each and every problem related to hair and some helpful hair tips as well.

People often think that hair needs daily washing. However, this is completely untrue, and we should always try to stay away from daily washing. When we wash our hair on daily basis, it automatically over stimulates the sebaceous glands; as a result the glands start to secrete more oil into the hair. With the passage of time, the chain becomes more active, making the glands more active. Daily washing can affect in the other way as well. When we wash our hair daily, it simply takes away the necessary oil from the hair, leaving it brittle and dry. For this reason, it is always better to use a gentle ph-balanced shampoo, but, try not to rub the scalp. Along with, it is also advisable to apply conditioners only to the ends and the mid part of hair. Nevertheless, your diet also play a major role; try to avoid fatty and oil rich foods.

Dry and brittle hair is one of the commonly faced hair problems. It is essential to use good quality conditioners and moisturizing products, which can keep your hair soft and moisturized. The way you style your hair is also important. If you are bothered about the dryness and brittleness of your hair, it is better to keep long flowing hairs. Most importantly, while using drying your hair using a blower, always use a diffuser. It will help you to control the fuzziness of your hair in a better way.  

Grey hair can certainly affect your self confidence while you are along with your friends. Colors and dyes are certainly the best way to hide the areas of embarrassment.  If the grey area in the hair is a little one, you can absolutely go for a semi-permanent color or dye wash. It can easily stay up to eight washes. But, if the grey area is more than 30 percent, you have to opt for a quasi color or dye, which can render a natural look to your hair. However, if the hair is mostly covered with grey patches, the only way to cover up the grey area is by using a permanent tint or the more famous foil and tone method. This technique offers more depth all the way through the hair.

There are millions of people who suffer from the problem of hair loss. Well, there are several reasons that trigger this problem. Most of the women have to suffer from this problem after the delivery of the child. But, one does not have to worry about it, because it is quite normal. And, during the time you can follow the methods to deal with thin hair.

There are several ways an patterns to design your hair in the right way. However, it is quite necessary to cut them in the most appropriate way, which is right below the jaw length. To make it look even better, you bring in few layers with the help of smart graduation. Techniques such as color enhancing can be used to create an illusion, which must be followed by blow-drying method. For best result, always start from the peak and go down with long sweeping segments. It is also recommended to go for a wide-toothed brush and use it along the hair line. While drying your hair, it is better to choose the large rollers around the peak.

Hair Colour
While coloring your hair you must keep few things in mind. Firstly, you have to understand the fact that applying more color to your hair will make the re-growth more noticeable. Yes, and it hold true particularly in the case of blonde coloring. It is needless to mention that applying more color can prove more dangerous for the health of your hair. So, it is necessary to color wisely. For a blonde look it is better to choose highlights carefully. Along with, always remember that the color shown on the package is always lighter than the color of the dye. Therefore, it means if you are looking to dye your hair with dark brown color, then you should choose a package with mid brown color.  

Hair Products
Using hair products like serums, dye, shampoo, and conditioners contain harsh chemicals. For example, serums contain high quantity of silicon which can cause to hair when exposed for longer time. Therefore, we should always avoid regular use of such products. Using moisture rich conditioners and shampoos can keep your hair soft and smooth.

Hair Growth
If truth to be told, there is no method through which you can speed up the development of your hair. Nevertheless, trimming on regular basis will help you to deal with thin hairs. Along with, it is also necessary to maintain a proper diet pattern. Vitamins such as B12 and minerals like Iron are quite beneficial for the health of hair.  
Split hair ends can turn out to be quite troublesome if not checked properly at regular intervals. In order to deal with this problem, it is necessary to keep your hair moisturized and supple. Flow of hot air through the blow drying machine can cause damage to your hair, therefore always use the machine along with a nozzle. To compensate the damaged caused by hairdryer you can apply serum to the split ends of your hair. However, the best solution to get rid from split ends is to cut them off.  
Hair Style 
Style is certainly the prime element of hairs and you need to choose your style very carefully. You can browse through various websites to learn about the different style, and can carry some picture as well. Along with, you can also consult with hair stylist who can offer you the best suggestions according to your personality. The style of hair primarily depends upon the shape your face. For example, if a person has a narrow face then adding volume to his/her hairs can do the trick. On the other hand, for broad faces soft textured style suits the best.  
Salon Style 
Salon style is turning out to be one of the most popular styles these days. The best part is that you do not have to go for the chop; all you need to do is to experiment with your fringes. It has been observed that thin fringes look equally good with all kind of faces. Trying different angles with the fringes can dramatically improve your looks. Even if you have got thick hair you can still make it by getting a razor cut. You will be amazed to see the positive difference it will bring to your style statement.  
The most important thing that you should keep in mind while experimenting with your hair, that it is not necessary to lose length of your hair. Yes, if you want to have layers it does not mean that you have to shorten the length of your locks. In fact, layers turn out to be most beautiful when the hair is long enough. It simply adds more volume to the hair. 
It certainly feels great to try out different styles by carrying out various experiments. But, you should keep in mind that it is quite important to give some rest to your hair. Allow your hair to breathe some fresh air and get some respite from the damages caused by harsh chemicals. De-tox products can be used to heal your damaged hair.  
Highlights can dramatically enhance the look of your hair. You can easily come across various types of highlights where can render amazing effects to your hair. Before applying highlights it is better to consult with an expert or hair stylist. The selection of color usually depends upon various factors, which includes the original color and condition of your hair.    
Nowadays, even if your hair is thin, there is no need to get embarrassed. You can easily hide the truth of your thin hair behind an excellent cut. Try to be natural with your hair style and get something which makes it look more relaxed. Consult with hair stylist to know about the style that will suit your hair type and the shape of your face as well. Always try to keep a maintenance free look which is definitely the taste of the season. Using thickening shampoos you can manage the tangled hair in a better way. Similarly, by using a good quality moisturizer you will be able to control your hair easily.  
Backcombing is an amazing way to give complete new looks to your hair. It allows you to carry an unique style statement. Apart from the advantages it has some disadvantages as well. 

Advantages: Backcombing is the most effective way to create dreadlocks in the same day. Along with, it is the fastest method as well. Through this method you can easily manage the shape and size of the dreads. You can make it look thin and sexy or can create a smooth and thick look. This method can be applied over hair of various lengths.  
Disadvantages: There is no doubt that backcombing is not an easiest way to create dreadlocks. It requires much labor and you would need two to three people to handle it. So, you should never choose it as an option if you do not have much time to spend.  
First of all, divide the hair into two separate squares, as it will help you to create round dreadlocks. It is better to keep the size of the squares between 1 inch and 2 inches. Smaller is the size of the squares thinner will be the shape of dreads. To manage the sections you can use rubber bands as temporary options. Once you have separated or created the section you can start backcombing your hair using a dread comb. Place the comb right close to your scalp and comb repeatedly towards it. Ultimately, you will notice some dreads at the roots. For better results it is not essential to twist the hair. However, you can roll the hair using your fingers while you are performing it. Keep on backcombing your hair in the direction of the end, and try to create the dreads as firm as possible. Once you have created a perfect dread you can secure it using a rubber band. Similarly, place one more rubber band on the hair root; it will keep the dread stay firm at its bottom. Now, apply some dread wax to each dread, but ensure that it does not contain harsh chemicals like petroleum.  

Dreads created using the method of backcombing look quite similar to natural dreads. And, with the passage of time they will appear to be smoother and quite firm as well. The most effective way to maintain and develop the dreads is to use good dread wax and soap as well. If you do it in the proper way, the dreads can attain maturity even in three to four months! Rubber bands can be used to keep the dreads safe and firm. From time to time, rub the roots of the dreads in a clockwise direction alongside the scalp.  
Tips:  There are some easy tips that can really help you to create better dreadlocks. Firstly, it is necessary to start with clean hand, which will allow you to do the backcombing in a faster way. Most importantly, you must make it sure that your hair is totally moisture free when you do it.

Twisting is certainly the natural way to create dreadlocks. For this reason, most of the salons follow this method to create dreads. So, let us check out its advantages and disadvantages as well: 

Advantages: Since it is the natural way to make dreadlocks, therefore it is easier to manage the size and formation of the dreads. Owing to its easiness, this method is followed by most of the salons and the cost is quite low as well.  

Disadvantages: This method works best only with African textured hair; however, salons do try their best to create the same dreads on Caucasian hair as well.  
The initial steps are quite similar to that of the backcombing. After separating the hair into small section which will help you to make thinner dreads, you can lock each section using a rubber band. To make it firmer, you can apply some wax (free from petroleum) along the dreads. It will help the dreads to remain in perfect position. Once the dreads have become firmer and more mature, you can use some perfumed wax around the dreads to make it look better. Keep in mind that the rubber bands are not attached too tightly.  
You can even try it with short black hair, and you do not have to section it as well. If you have short, thick (1/2 inch), and curly African textured hair, it will become easier for you to do it. Using a brush with soft bristles, try to rub it gently in a circular way (clockwise) around the hair. Gradually you will feel the formation of some little balls or nubs of hair. Now, you can twist the balls using your hands to form dreads.  
Dread Locks varieties   

There are several ways through which you can give unique looks to the dreads, such as dreadlocks with pony tail style. Thankfully, those who do not have sufficiently long hair can try out the dreadlocks wigs.  
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