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Long Hair Styles for Women

You can have wavy, curly or straight hair but if you want to look good irrespective of the type of hair you have, you can opt for a long hair styles for women. But before you conclusively decide your look you should keep in mind that you will not look good in one such style if you have very thin hair or your face is long in nature. Medium textured or thick hairs are the best options that suit the long hairstyles.Medium haircuts Girls that keep the option open to switch to long cut are considered to be a very smart in this regard.

Popular Long hairstyles for Women

Layered Long Haircut

When you intend to keep your hair long then you can do so by applying layer cut to your strands. The hairs are not cut uniformly in this style and randomness is tried to be achieved in this cut. The hair is cut at different length in each layer which results in bouncy presentation. The hair can have U shape, V shape or any other random shape from behind when they are cut layer wise. The front look of layered hairstyle can be accompanied with fringes cut in steps or in similar layers. They can be kept small or gradually lengthening according to the face of the person.

Some celebrities who have wonderfully carried this style are Jenifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie.

Famous Layered Long Haircuts
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Wavy Long Haircut

Waves can be present naturally in the hairstyle of a person or then can be induced by artificial means. Waves can be both light and dense in nature. If you intend to keep your hair long then you can try to keep the wave alive right from the very beginning at forehead. That way, when you tie your hair or keep it open, you will have a wavy looking frontal that goes really well with formal and cocktail dresses. You can induce step cut in the wavy hair pattern especially if you have very light hair. That will add volume to it.

Lindsay Lohan and have carried this hairstyle pretty well.

Famous Wavy Long Haircuts
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Curly Long Haircut

Curls are considered highly fashionable when it comes to hairstyling. Some people have light curls whereas others have very dense and small curls. It is very hard to control the spread of the hair in case of curly hair but tasteful trimming can lead to beautiful long hair styles for women in curly hair. If the curls start right from the beginning as it happens in dense curls then you should consider keeping straight long hair so that they can be tied to give a neat look. If the curls are light in nature then you can introduce fringes in the front and a curly ending in the back both in U and V shape.

Genelia Deshmukh and Kangna Ranaut have beautiful long curly hair that you can also try on.

Famous Curly Long Haircuts
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Step Long Haircut

When we talk about short hair cuts, spikes have been proved really popular. They add to the funky look of the guy. But this hairstyle is very age specific and cannot be pulled of by a middle aged or old aged man. Spikes can be small or long depending on the look you want to achieve. Gel should be used to hold the spikes and that should be of good quality because you do not want to end up damaging your hair with chemicals.

The short hairstyles spikes can be spread out through out the head or just in the front or back as have been done by celebrities like Kenton Duty, Winsor Harmon, Taylor Lautner.

Famous Step Long Haircuts
View Step Long Haircut Gallery

Things to keep in mind before you get a long haircut

It is not always possible to keep your hair open if you have long hair. You need to also tie them up occasionally. It is strongly recommended that you should never use rubber band because they harm your hair by putting unwanted pressure at one particular point with synthetic material and also leave a mark or lining on the hair which looks awful when you again keep the hair open.

You should keep in mind the shape of your face if you want to look good in your new hairstyle. People with big faces should particularly research first before they try out the haircut. The frontal cut is much more important than the back because the fringes or locks mainly decide your first look. You should try a cut that grows out gradually because that can make your face look smaller.

Bauble elastic and mini ponytails can be done in long fine hair. Accessories like hairclip, clutches, flowers; pin ons can be used on long hair to make them look more striking. You can use pins or clips to take slight amount of hair from the front and leave the rest open to get a neat yet flaunting look. Braids of normal or French type look very good in medium haircuts Girls as well as in long hair styles for women. If you hair is cut in layers or steps then the whole amount will not fit in the braid. You can make small plates in the front and then use the end of such plate to merge in a ponytail later. It makes the hair each to manage and also gives out a colonial look. You can also try tie ups in different styles with folds and curls and accessories them with chic.

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