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Medium Hair Styles for Women

High style and convenience both can be achieved in medium hair styles for women. They require substantially lesser amount of time to style up which is impossible for long hair. If you are interested in curls then they can be best maintained in this kind of medium haircuts. The amount of shampoo and conditioner required for washing medium haircuts is much less which means that they are also low maintenance. There are so many kinds of hairstyle available in medium length based on the shape of your face that you will never lack in variety.Medium hair styles for women have no doubt become hugely popular and one of the main reasons behind the same is the diverse kind of hair dos that can be made out of medium length hair. It is hard to do so in long hair and impossible to do in short hair.

Popular Medium hairstyles for Women

Shoulder Length Bob Haircut

Medium hair styles for women have always been very famous and the shoulder length bob cut has been specifically known in this category. The bob hairstyle is very famous in both Bollywood and Hollywood. One should always keep in mind that this hairstyle adds a good amount of weight to the face and that is why women with large face built should avoid it. Generally bob cut is kept till the chicks but it also looks good as medium haircuts when kept till.

Shoulder with side swept bangs as has been done by Preity Zinta and Priyanka Chopra in many occasions.

Famous Shoulder Length Bob Haircuts
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Ultra Framing Do haircut

In case you are such a kind of person who has a trendy sense of style and loves the attention a modern look brings, then you should definitely follow in the footsteps of Rachael McAdams. In early 2009, Rachael debuted an ultra-face-framing, sleek, medium-length hairdo. This modern medium length hairdo is very appropriate for women who have square-, oval- and heart-shaped faces. But you should keep in mind that this look is not a good choice for round faces.

Ask your stylist for shoulder-length hair with full bangs and blunt face framing layers starting above the cheekbone as has been done by Katrina Kaif in many occasions.

Famous Ultra Framing Do haircuts
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Pinup Haircut

Marilyn Monroe of 1950 can never be forgotten for this haircut. Large, bouncy and voluminous curls are the key to this hairstyle. The best and interesting part of this haircut is that no exact haircut is required to achieve this look. If you have medium-length hair, you’re already set for creating your curls. A curling iron may be used to create curls. Hot rollers, hairspray and a comb is required to create your Marilyn Monroe-inspired do. Your hair needs to be parted to one side to give a proper finishing touch to this look as the celebrity did in her time.

Famous Pinup Haircuts
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Pros and Cons of medium length hair

One of the primary reasons behind the fame of this haircut is the different kind of styling that can be done with it along the comfort. You can make ponytails out of it unlike short hair and you can also braid it up like long hair. You need not be too worried about its maintenance like long hair. Curls and waves can be nicely shown in this type of hairstyle as they do not fall behind and the style can be easily changed as the area of working is comparatively lower than long hair.
One thing should be kept in mind that if you want to wear an extremely formal dress then medium length hair may not proved as efficient as proper long hair.

Though they are shorter than long hair but during summer time they can never be as comfortable as small hair. The smartness factor is also diminished at time. Moreover, if you do not know the different hairstyles that can be made out of the medium length hair then all you will be able to do is keep them straight and open which can get very monotonous at times for some.

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