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Short Hair Cuts

It did not require any recent fashion trend to introduce short hair cuts for men. Men have always been known for short hair.If you want to keep your hair short then you should keep it less than 3 inches because otherwise the style loses its meaning.It is convenient to maintain short hair and it is also considered in accordance to Christianity to keep your hair short. The facial features can also be noticed properly if a man keeps his hair short. It looks trendier that way. The manner in which the short hairstyles are designed depends on the look of the person and the shape of his face.

Popular Short hairstyles for men

Buzz Haircut

In this particular haircut the hair is kept little longer than a shaved head. It is very effective if you are trying to prevent hair loss. It does not require combing or any kind of hair products. It specifically suits those men who have a strong cheek bone and no extra fat on their face. It brings good attention to the features of a person. Short hair cuts like buzz need to be trimmed after every 3 to 4 weeks so that the style is retained.

Bollywood superstar Amir Khan used this hairstyle in the movie Ghajni that play huge role for promotion of the movie.You can also try yourself in Ghajni hairstyle using our hairstyle software for FREE.

Other celebrities like Salman Khan, John Abhraham, George Clooney have looked beyond handsome in this style and you can also look the same.
Famous Buzz Haircuts

Crew Cut

If you want to look Military Handsome then should definitely try out the crew cut. It is the official cut of defense personnel and as a result it inherently looks manly and smart. In this particular cut, the hair is kept slight longer in the top and it trimmed to the shortest length from the side. That is the only difference it has with buzz cut.

Hrithik Roshan has look drop dead handsome in the same haircut in the movie “Lakshya” and there was to competition to Tom Cruise when he pulled off this look in “Few Good Men”.

Famous Crew Haircuts
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Messy Haircut

In these particular short hairstyles the hair is cut at different length from different places depending on the shape of the face. The “out of bed” look is very popular amongst the young generation as it brings the coolness to the personality. The haircut is very random and it cannot be simply combed. Hand brushing is considered more appropriate for maintaining this style and the hair is kept slightly longer than the two previous cuts.

Brad Pitt and Gerald Butler have looked like handsome hunk in this particular cut and have proved to be trend setter for the youth in this particular respect.

Famous Messy Haircuts
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Spikes Haircut

When we talk about short hair cuts, spikes have been proved really popular. They add to the funky look of the guy. But this hairstyle is very age specific and cannot be pulled of by a middle aged or old aged man. Spikes can be small or long depending on the look you want to achieve. Gel should be used to hold the spikes and that should be of good quality because you do not want to end up damaging your hair with chemicals.

The short hairstyles spikes can be spread out through out the head or just in the front or back as have been done by celebrities like Kenton Duty, Winsor Harmon, Taylor Lautner.

Famous Spikes Haircuts
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Punk Haircut

Crooked forehead bangs and spike only in the back of the head are the main features of punk hairstyle and is very famous for short hair cuts. If you want to be short Mohawks and faux-hawks then the spikes should be placed in the shape of a fan in the centre or front. The spikes are very oddly placed in this style as compared to the normal spike short hairstyles.

The young artists like Jonas Brothers were seen in this style. If you are interested in bringing out the dark or gothic look then also this hairstyle can prove to be very fashionable.

Famous Punk Haircuts
View Punk Haircut Gallery

Why should you get a Short Haircut?

It has been a very important factor behind short hairstyle of men. Praying with uncovered head was considered pious and that is why the hairs were kept short. Short hair cuts were also symbols of manhood and used for distinguishing between men and women from a distance.

The hair when kept short proves to be very comfortable to maintain. It is easy to beat the heat in short hair as they do not crowd your head. They also can be easily washed and combed which is very important for winter. The quality of the hair is also maintained properly if it is cut short.

If the man is enrolled in military then it kind of becomes compulsory for him to get a short and military style haircut. It looks very smart and has become symbolic of a strong personality and manliness. Guys out of the profession also prefer this look for its inherent fame.

Formal and trustworthy look
Short hairstyles look more formal that long ones. They can be easily worn with suits or shirts and portray an extremely decent look. The funky look that is generally comes with longer hairstyle is not very appreciated in many formal places due to traditional notions. That is why this hairstyle is adopted by men in general.

Wide ranges of style and hair product
Only because you have short hair that does not mean that the styling is limited. As mentioned above, there are various kinds of hairstyles that can be done in short hair and all of them look very different and handsome. There are different hair products that can be used by you to make your hair look even more shiny or properly placed like gels are used for making trendy spikes by some men.

If you are not comfort with short hairs then you can go through medium haircuts and long haircuts sections for your special hairstyles needs.

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