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Womens Short Hair Styles

One of the best ways of greeting summer and fashion together is to pull up a short hairstyle by a girl that can prove to be both comfort enhancing and a successful style statement. Hairs undergo major damages during winter as they are either dyed or straightened or unnecessarily conditioned to fight the humidity lacking weather. The long strands may appear lifeless by the time summer approaches.Womens short hair styles can prove to be a savior in these situations. Girls short haircuts are easy to manage and maintain and they complement the look with all the smart and classy attire desired by women.

Popular Short hairstyles for Women

Pixie Haircut

A woman who intends to look fashionably disorganized and casual prefers Pixie cut. This hairstyle has been very popular for a very long time now. The hair is cut in different layers keeping them tastefully non symmetrical.  There is no fixed pattern for the trimming and it is mainly done by the hairdresser according to the facial shape of the person. This hairstyle is known for highlighting the features of a person and is best presented by oval, square, or heart-shaped face.

Diane Lane, Halle Berry, Kristen Stewart are some of the known faces who have made this cut famous by looking impeccably gorgeous wearing it.

Famous Pixie Haircuts
View Pixie Haircut Gallery

Short Shaggy Haircut

If you are a woman of small built then you can trust this haircut to bring the best out of you. Round shaped faces carry this look very well. It makes the face look thinner. Managing this hairstyle requires more effort than creating it. The strands are cut for different layers of varied length. Every time you set your hair, each strand needs to be placed at the right place to bring out the beauty of this haircut.

Sharone Stone, Tara Reid, Priety Zinta have proven over time that how this haircut brings the best out of a woman along with utmost comfort during the summer.

Famous Short Shaggy Haircuts
View Short Shaggy Haircut Gallery

Bob Curly

Womens short hair styles proudly present this cut specifically meant for women with curly hair like Meg Ryan, Rihanna, Kelly Osborne. This particular hairstyle is cut in razor layers to keep the volume just right so that the hair do not look very puffy. The curls can be natural or can be induced artificially. Women who generally have straight hair but want to look gorgeous in this haircut should get idea of the length of their hair after it is curled because it tends to shorten the hair.The short haircut should be done accordingly after that.Girls short haircuts generally see this style as the funky, disorganized yet cool in perspective.
Famous Bob Curly Haircuts
View Bob Curly Haircut Gallery

Super Short Bob Haircut

This has been put on the map by Victoria Beckham style show. This hairstyle requires longer to shorter strands of hair starting from front of the face till the back with regular decrease in length. They add volume to the whole look and it best carried out in straight hair. Some faces prefer this hairstyle along with front head covered with regular hair fringes whereas some look best with side placed casual fringes.Girls short haircuts generally come to the cheekbone which is also the case with this style.

Priyanka Chopra, Kiera Knightley, Katie Holmes have looked breathtaking in this hairstyle and so will you!

Famous Super Short Bob Haircuts
View Super Short Bob Haircut Gallery

Blunt Bob Haircut

Crooked forehead bangs and spike only in the back of the head are the main features of punk hairstyle and is very famous for short hair cuts. If you want to be short Mohawks and faux-hawks then the spikes should be placed in the shape of a fan in the centre or front. The spikes are very oddly placed in this style as compared to the normal spike short hairstyles.

The young artists like Jonas Brothers were seen in this style. If you are interested in bringing out the dark or gothic look then also this hairstyle can prove to be very fashionable.

Famous Blunt Bob Haircuts
View Blunt Bob Haircut Gallery

How to know which hairstyle is right for you

You must consult a hair stylist before decide which hairstyle suits you the best. It is mainly decided judging the shape of your face and also the volume and quality of your hair. You can find the samples of short haircut from magazine and discuss them further with your stylist. Womens short hair styles are available in many diverse forms and you need to select the one that will suit you the best.

There are many websites which allows you to upload your photo and choose a hairstyle that can be applied on the snap to give you an idea about your prospective look. These online tools can be of great help as they do the research for you about girls short haircuts and they are also time saving. It is very hard to grow back hair and that is why you should give loads of thought to your future look before the scissor is applied on the precious strands.

Why to have or not have the short hairstyle

If you are working women then short hairstyles can be a blessing for you as they require minimal time. It is very easy to keep them clean as you can wash them regularly without any hassle. The conditioning and maintenance procedure for womens short hair styles is very brief and girls short haircuts always looks very refreshing yet casual. In case you do not approve your new haircut you can always switch to another short haircut just after sometime. Accessories like earning and proper makeup is always more noticed with short haircuts. Minimum maintenance yet maximum styling are the benefits that accompany this haircut.

A short haircut takes time to adapt to your face if you are new to this fashion. As soon as your hair will start to grow, you will lose the original hairstyle. That is why, a regular visit to the salon is very important if you intent to maintain your look. Make visit every 4 to 6 weeks to your stylist to not end up in a clueless state. As the look stands on its own without the scope of braiding or tying, it will require more styling product to keep it in trend. Never suffer by the complex that the opposite sex might not like a hairstyle similar to theirs.

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