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Hair Problems and Solutions

With the passage of time, there has been a significant degradation in the quality of hair. Well, there is no doubt that hair problems cause from numerous factors. In the present generation problems related to hair have become quite common, and the reason behind is the pollution in the environment. Along with, people have become too busy with their professional life, which further intensifies the problem. Prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals, sunrays, and polluted air cause much damage to the hair. It simply makes the hair more dull and brittle. However, there is a complete synopsis of the problems and remedies related to hair problems; and, the solution will certainly help us to get back the shine of hair.   

How to stop Hair fall

It has always been a major problem, and every now and then you will surely come across people who are suffering from the problem of hair loss. Do never get surprised to have the knowledge, that men and women across the globe spend millions, to control loss of hair.Most often you will find people losing hair, but it is also a fact, that they loses them on variable rates, which varies from person to person as well as depending on circumstances. However, on normal course, the hair loss rate should stay around 100 per day. It usually takes, five long years before the hair is shed away.
Reasons of Hair Loss in Women
How to Stop Hair Loss in Women
Reasons of Hair Loss in Men
How to Stop Hair Loss in Men
Hair Growing Stages

How to get rid of Dandruff

It is quite common to see people complaining about dandruff related problems. Nowadays, dandruff in hair has turned out to be the most common hair related problem, which has affected millions of people around the world. Hence, there is no need to explain that how dandruff looks like. However, some of the common symptoms are severe itching on the scalp and various other things. Thankfully, there are several simple ways to combat dandruff without burning your pocket.
Reasons of Dandruff
How to Stop Dandruff

Why does hair turn gray

It is the desire of almost everyone in the world to look young throughout his/her life. Alas, signs like grey hair and wrinkles do not allow us to feel so. However, we can still make it up, at least with the graying of hair. There are several easy ways through which we can slow down or prevent the hairs from going grey. Some of them can even help us to reverse the process of graying.  
How to Prevent from Graying of Hair

Dry Hair Problem

Dry hair problems have two tell tale signs: one, it becomes frizzy and two, it breaks very easily. Dry hair is synonymous to unattractive hair. The causes of dry hair are multiple. Hair can become dry due to excessive heat exposure, excessive shampooing, etc. Dry hair can also be genetically inherited. You can give your hair moisture boost by following few simple steps. Dry hair problems can be treated to avert hair breakage and you get the added advantage of glowing hair.
How to Prevent from Dry Hair Problem

Hair Dye Color Problems

You can get very good care of yourself but when it comes to hair care; it is very difficult to get the regime right. You can opt for coloring your hair at salons or at home but the problem of hair still persists. A well informed hair stylist can save your hair from being damaged. You too should posses the knowledge as it can help in averting some problems that are associated with hair dyeing.
Hair Dye Color Problem and Solutions

Ingrown Hair Problems and Solutions

The ingrown hairs basically curve into the hair follicle these hairs grow inward. The problem is also known as razor burn or pseudofolliculitis barbae when the shaved hair grows sideways instead of growing upwards.Men and women all around the globe suffer from the problem of ingrown hair. These ingrown hairs are very unattractive to look at and they are very painful too. People who shave and also wear tight clothes face this problem.
How to Prevent from Ingrown Hair Problems

Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

It is the desire of most of the women to have long and beautiful hair which can make them look more beautiful. However, with the changing life style and increasing level of pollution it has become extremely difficult to keep hair in proper condition. Hair loss in women has turned out to be quite common these days, making women anxious and depressed as well. As a result, it has rendered an opportunity for the dermatologists to figure out the prime reasons behind hair loss.

Most of the experts have common opinion about the reasons that lead to hair loss. Some of the common reasons and facts about hair fall in women are:

  1. Stress: Living stressful life can significantly affect the health of your hair.
  2. It has been observed that almost 40% of women suffer from hair fall after childbirth.
  3. Poor diet plan can also add up to the problem of hair fall.
  4. According to the research, around 25% of women above the age of 50 develop thin hairs.
  5. Minerals are quite essential for proper growth and sustainability of hair follicle, and deficiency can lead to hair loss.
  6. Hair extensions can prove to be harmful when used for longer period of time.
  7. Low level of iron in blood or Anemia can also trigger hair loss in women, particularly during their menstrual cycle.

Hair loss after the childbirth (Post-partum)
During the days of pregnancy, a woman’s hair becomes amazingly beautiful. It all starts from the fourth and fifth month of pregnancy, when the hairs become shinier, easily manageable, the volume increases, and it becomes less greasy as well. Along with, the scalp contains less dandruff.

Well, the reason behind the positive changes is due to the rise in the level of female sex hormones (usually oestrogen). However, after the childbirth the level of hormones comes back to its normal level, which in turn increases the rate of hair loss. Actually, the rise in the rate of hair fall is to balance the amount of hair fall that would usually have happened during the pregnancy days. So, it is basically a normal phase that most of the women have to go through.  

This type of hair fall usually affects around 40 per cent of all women. No doubt, it can make them very anxious and depressed as well, particularly if they do not know the reason behind it. Well, this phase of hair fall after the childbirth usually last up to 6 months. Thankfully, it is a reversible process; it means that new hair will balance out the hair fall. So, there is no need to worry about in this case.  

How stress is related to hair loss? 
There is no doubt that most of us live in stressful environment these days. Work pressure and broken relationships are taking a toll on our health. It is true that stress can give rise to various types of health related problems, such as diabetes, depression, and hair loss as well. Stress certainly affects most of the women and they have to suffer from hair loss and thinning of hair. Hence, it is necessary for the working women and mothers to get some rest that can help them to relieve.

Though stress causes various types of health related problems, but it attacks hairs first of all. Due to stressful living the normal cycle of hair growth gets affected, which in turn affects the normal growth of hair follicle. As a result, the hairs begin to fall out ahead of time. It is true that hair fall triggered from stress is a reversible process; however, it is also true that it can lead to thinning of the hair.  

Some of the common female hair loss  
According to the figures, the problem of thin hairs is more common in men. However, it can also affect women depending upon their genetic inclination towards this problem.

Each type of hormone in our body performs some specific functions. The androgens hormone in male prevents the development of the hair. The thinning of hair on the top and the front of the scalp is the result of androgen hormone. This hormone is usually found in male, but women also have it on low levels. However, if a woman has more level of androgen, it can certainly lead to the thinning of hair and hair loss as well.  
According to the research, it has been found that around 10% of the women falling within the age group of 18 and 40 are affected by this kind of hair loss. Similarly, it affects 25% of the women when they are at the age of 50. But, the figure increases to 60% by seventy years of age. Though it is a kind of minor problem that can be cured, but it indirectly affects the self-confidence of a woman.  

Alopecia Arearta - Hair Loss in Patches 
It is kind of hair fall problem which is usually related to stress. The most visible symptom in this form of hair loss is abrupt increase in the rate of hair fall from a particular region on the scalp. As a result, it gives rise to oval or round areas of baldness around the scalp. The patch usually feels smooth when touched.

This form of hair fall can happen at any age; however, it is quite common among the people between the age of 35 and 40. And, it affects men and women equally. Quite undoubtedly, this form of hair loss can cause more stress and worries, but one should not forget the fact that the follicles do not die forever. They are still capable to regenerate new hair if cured properly.  
How to cure Alopecia Areata  
To know about the cure of this problem, you can consult with a good and qualified trichologist.

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How to Stop Hair Loss in Women?

It is quite obvious that losing hair at an excessive rate can compel us to press the panic button. But, if we start to panic it will simply cause us more stress, which in turn can cause more hair fall. For this reason, it is necessary that we should not panic, and try to find out the reasons behind the stress. Let us know about the ways that can help us to deal with stress related hair fall:

  1. The best way to deal with the thinning of hair is to remain healthy and happy. Illness and stressed life can certainly give rise to hair loss. One can go for the HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy to deal with hormonal imbalances, which has proved to be quite successful as well. However, it is always better to consult your personal doctor before taking any decision. HRT tablets that contain high quantity of oestrogen can work wonders. There are many women who have attained successful results and are quite satisfied as well.  
  2. Exercise is a great way to get rid from stressful living. It will help us to stay fit, healthy, and more energetic as well. Along with, it will also lower down the level of hormones that trigger the problem of hair loss.
  3. Improper way of dieting can severely affect the overall health of the hair follicles. Therefore, plan your diet carefully.
  4. It is necessary to compensate the deficiency by having iron rich foods or iron tables as well.  
  5. Apart from exercise, it is equally important to relax our body. Many people have the habit to bring their official work into their home, which should be avoided. Along with, it is equally necessary that we should not take calls while having our meal. In simple word, we should relax our mind and body as well.
  6. Thirdly, lack of sleep can also lead to hair loss. If we do not sleep enough, it can severely affect our health and state of mind as well.
  7. It is very much important to maintain a clean and healthy scalp. Therefore, we must use good quality shampoos, and should also nourish it with proper hair products.  

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Reasons for Hair Loss in Men

Losing few hairs on daily basis is quite normal. It is simply a normal process of natural cycle of hair development. On the other hand, if someone finds that he/she is losing hair at a rate which is more than what is expected, it can certainly lead to baldness or at least thinning of hair. Well, there are several reasons behind hair loss in men.

  1. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy used for the treatment of cancer can often lead to hair loss in men. Along with, some surgeries can also lead to such situation.
  2. Stress is definitely the most common factor that leads to hair fall.
  3. It has been found that our genes are the major factor that decides the future of our hair. It simply affects the composition of hormones on the hair follicles. As a result, it can lead to baldness which can be of various patterns. Actually our hormones play a vital role in controlling various functions of our body. Over production or under production of hormones from Thyroid glands or Pituitary glands can also lead to hair loss.
  4. You might have noticed that during illness hairs fall increases dramatically. Once you have recovered from the disease, the rate of hair fall comes back to its normal rate. There are some fungus which can speed up the rate of hair loss, such as ringworm.
  5. Steroid and certain composition of health supplements are also one of the reasons that trigger hair fall.
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How to Stop Hair Loss in Men

Most of us, sometime in our life have tried to figure out the answer of the question that is how to stop hair loss in men. Well, it is quite true that hair loss due to genetic reasons and certain baldness pattern in male are something which cannot be prevented. Apart from them, there are some factors that trigger hair fall in mind. Thankfully, there are several therapies that can help us to regain our hair or at least prevent further damage.  

  1. It has been observed that certain medicines, steroid, and vitamin supplements can give rise to hair fall. Some of them are supplements rich in vitamin A, cold medicines containing high level of amphetamines (dextroamphetamine), and most of the steroid. However, before taking or discontinuing a medicine you must consult with your doctor. It is necessary to understand the right composition of medicine that does not trigger hair fall.
  2. In this busy life, stress has engrossed us from every side. We have become so much involved in our professional life that we hardly get some moments of leisure. And, stress is one of the prime reasons for hair loss. It is extremely necessary that we must carry out some activities that can help us to reduce our daily stress, such as exercise, vacations, adventure trips, etc.
  3. The foods we eat play a vital role in determining the health of our hair. Diet rich in protein can significantly enhances the condition of hair and its follicles. It is necessary to eat a minimum of 3 servings of protein each and every day. Some of the protein rich foods are egg, chicken, cheese, meat, soya bean, etc.
  4. It is very crucial that we must allow our hair some days of relaxation. Being constantly exposed to harsh chemicals can deteriorate the overall health of hair. For this reason, we should not over treat our hair or carry out too many experiments on them. Over usage of products like bleach, dye, conditioners, and other such chemicals can also result to hair fall. 

Some helpful tips and warnings
In the market you will come across several products to stop hair loss in men, but, not all of them are safe. Some of them can prove to be dangerous for your health conditions. Along with, there are some medicines that can give rise to hair fall, such as cancer treatment medicines, blood thinners, etc. For this reason, you must consult with your doctor before beginning the course.    

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Reasons of Dandruff

Psoriasis and other Skin Disease
Skin diseases such as psoriasis can give rise to patchy skin which can affect the skin over the scalp as well. As a result, the scalp begins to shed the dead skin which in turn causes dandruff. Apart from psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema also causes dandruff.  
Allergies are the most common reasons that trigger the formation of dandruff. We often use various products for our hair, such as oil, conditioner, shampoo, serum, dye, etc. Some chemicals can react with the skin which in turn can give rise to rashes. Ultimately it leads to the formation of dandruff. Therefore, it is necessary that we must rinse our hair properly after using such products.

Excessively oily scalp
It is usually believed that dry scalp can cause more dandruff than oily scalp. However, this is completely opposite. It is true that dry scalp leads to dandruff, but oily scalp can cause more dandruff. Excessive oil acts as a sticky layer for the dead skin flakes, which ultimately converts into dandruff. For this reason, we should wash our hair on regular basis.

You may find it hard to believe, but its true that our scalps contain several fungus called as malassezia. The purpose of this fungus is to absorb scalp oil, but overgrowth of malassezia can cause dandruff.

Stress is said to be the reasons for various health related problems, and dandruff is one of them. Therefore, always try to live a stress free life.

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How to Stop Dandruff in Hair

So, let me provide some of the easy ways to keep dandruffs away :

  1. It is quite necessary to keep the scalp clean and fresh. And, to maintain the cleanliness it is necessary to wash hair on regular basis. You can easily find out shampoos that help to get rid from dandruff. Shampooing on regular basis will keep the follicles clean by removing the excessive layer of oil and dirt. And, it is a fact that oil and dirt can cause dandruff in hair.
  2. There is no qualm about the fact that sunlight is quite beneficial for our health, obviously to an extent. Like our skin, scalp also needs some exposure to the sunlight which helps it to produce the necessary vitamins. However, it is also important to remember that prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause damage to the scalp.
  3. Over usage of stylish products like conditioners, dye, highlighters, gels, and creams can cause damage to our scalp. Some products can take away the required amount of moisture from our scalp, leaving it completely dry. Oily products increase the quantity of oil on our scalp, which in turn can give rise to the formation of dandruff. Both of the cases can trigger the formation of dandruff. For this reason, it is better to give some days of relaxation to the hair follicles.
  4. Exercise regularly and eat a well-balanced, healthy diet. Proper nutrition and exercise are two of the most important things you can do for your health and should be part of a comprehensive plan to combat any health problem, even something as commonplace and non-life threatening as dandruff.
  5. Apart from maintaining a proper hygiene, it is also necessary to remain fit and healthy. Regular exercise facilitates proper flow of blood throughout our body. As a result, it empowers our immune system which in turn helps us to fight against various types of health related problems. Along with, maintaining a proper diet can also prove to be quite beneficial in dealing with such problems.
  6. Before taking any medicine to fight dandruff, it is better to check out the various methods that are more natural and safer. Homeopathic and other natural remedies can yield amazing results without much problem. Shampoos produced from the oil of tea tree are quite effective in dealing with dandruff. Along with, foods rich in zinc also help us to fight dandruff.
  7. Nevertheless, if the problem still persist, it is always better to talk to your dermatologist who can provide you better solutions to get rid from dandruff in an effective way.  

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How to Prevent from Graying of Hair

  1. There are some disorders and disease which can often result to grey hair, so before following the method to prevent the formation of grey hair, it is necessary to ensure that you do not suffer from any such problems. Thyroid related problems like hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are one of the main reasons behind it. Along with, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, gastric bypass, bacterial or parasites overgrowth, and several stomach related problems can also lead to grey hair.
  2. Wheat grass is amazingly helpful in preventing the formation of grey hair. It usually contains high level of vitamins and essential minerals which provides the necessary supplement to hair. It usually takes around two to three months to see the positive results. The right amount that you should consume per day is around 2 to 3 oz.
  3. PABA or Para Amino Benzoic Acid is very useful in promoting hair growth and also to prevent it from graying. It is a kind of vitamin that is usually found in whole grains, eggs, molasses, and dairy products. Along with, you can also take is as supplement, and it should be around 30 milligram per day.
  4. Apart from PABA, foods rich in vitamin B complex can also help to fight against graying of hair. There are various beneficial aspects of vitamin B complex, such as healthy hair, healthy metabolism, pigmentation, etc. Daily dose should be around 10 to 50 milligrams.

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How to Prevent from Dry Hair Problems

  1. If you are into the habit of shampooing daily, cut that to shampooing thrice daily. ‘Women's Health Care Topics’ shares that if you shampoo your hair on a daily basis; it strips the essential moisture and oil from your hair. Shampooing thrice a week will keep the natural oils of the hair intact. So, you can cut the number of times you shapoo your hair to keep it moisturized.
  2. Humectants are substances that lock in moisture. So opt for shampoos that contain humectants instead of the ones that are alcohol based.
  3. Hot oil treatment is very helpful in treating dry hair. Though hot oils are very easy to purchase at medical shops, you can make one at home too. It is a very simple process. Instead of massaging the regular oil, you can try mixing half cup of coconut oil and one tsp of almond oil. Microwave this mixture of oil so that it is hot but not so hot that it does not burn your scalp. You should pour the warm oil on your scalp and then start massaging. Let your scalp soak the oil for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes you can rinse your hair.
  4. For dry hair, conditioning is a must. Condition your hair each time you shampoo. You can use mayonnaise as your natural conditioner. Just apply it on your hair while paying attention to the ends of your hair. Let it work for five minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. This will lock the moisture in your hair.
  5. Hair should be trimmed after six weeks. This keeps the hair in good condition.
  6. Have an Omega 3 rich diet. This will add shine to your hair.

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Hair Dye Color Problems and Solutions

  1. Dyeing at home: You can run into a host of hair dye color problems when you set to color your hair at home. The first mammoth problem that faces the people who color their hair at home is that they resort to coloring their hair by their selves. When you are dyeing your hair by yourself, you tend to color your hair unevenly. The next problem is that they start coloring their hair without ample preparation. You should test the hair color, on yourself before coloring your hair; this will save you from coloring your hair in a color that will not suit you. If you start to try cover the flaws of a bad hair color by re applying more color, it is still not a good idea. An adverse reaction between the old and new dye occurs. This results not only in unattractive color but it also causes a lot of damage to the hair.
  2. Dyeing hair at salon: It is not uncommon to find hair problems associated with hair dyeing at salons too. Salon hairstylists are not well versed with the hair colors that suit a certain person, most of the time. The reaction of different hair to different colors is not the same. The leads to unsightly colors. The people who color their hair at the salons have an advantage that they can fix the problem within 48 hours.
  3. Considerations: Hair dye color problems can irritate as well as annoy the person. Repeated dyeing of hair is also an irksome task. The person should wait for a few weeks before re-applying the color of your hair. After a few weeks, the color will become more natural and you may also start living with the same color. If you find that you simple cannot stand the hair color, the salons can use special formulas that will help in removing the hair color.
  4. Considerations:  You will have to calm you mind if you are faced with any hair color problem. A professional intervention in this case is your best bet. This will help in preserving the quality of your hair if not anything else. At home, you can also use shampoo and use hot water to fade the color. Opt for a semi transparent dye that is loaded with lesser chemicals that cause harm to your hair.
  5. Time frame: Many people are of the notion that a bad hair dye can be correct by just one salon visit. That notion is incorrect; it takes up to a month to rectify the harm that is done. You will have to knock the salon’s door five more times for the color to become your liking. A gap of three to four days should be given two dying sessions. It benefits both the color and also the health of the hair.

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How to Prevent from Ingrown Hair Problems

Identification: You can identify the symptoms which include itching, inflammation, etc. red bumps also appear on the skin surface, and these bumps may or may not contain pus. These bumps are usually mistaken for acne.

Solution: To treat ingrown hair problems, you will have to wash as well as exfoliate your skin before you start shaving. This softens the hair and also removes any dead cells on the skin. It also helps to shave in the direction in which the hair is growing instead of the opposite direction. Using a moisturizer also helps as it softens the hair. To keep the hair follicles open, you should exfoliate your skin using beta hydroxy acid (for example salicylic acid).

Considerations: Start using electric shaver instead of the razor that has double edge. This helps in controlling the problem of ingrown hair problems.

Warning: If the problem persists for a long time, you will have to use topical antibiotics to control infection.

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Hair Loss

Let us now have a quick discussion on, normal loss of hair. Before we start our conversation, let us know the fact, that in such cases, getting worried will only contribute towards the problem, and will not actually help in solving the problem. The only way of fighting back is to initiate positive measures. You must have noticed that you often starting losing your hair once you wash your hair. This is often because of the chemicals, which makes your scalps dry, and results in loss of hair. This is avoided by the use of conditioner, which actually helps your scalp regaining the required moisture, and keeps your hair strong and healthy.  

Most often, it is also observed that loss of hair is happening with the change of seasons. Some may find their hair growing, in a particular season or the other. May be the hair have the tendency to fall out in winters, as the season remains dry through-out.  

However, very easily you may trace out the actual rate of hair loss. This can be well done with a “pull test”. However, one should always remember, that he or she needs to perform this test gently. All you can do is to grab say around 20 hairs at a time and give a gentle pull, with a hair fall of more than 7 is enough to make you worried about. 

Hair Growing Stages: 
Each of the human hair stands on roots, and all of them are nurtured by blood vessels, which actually helps in giving them shine and growth. These hairs are actually gets its roots from the layer just below your skin. Like any other parts of our body, our hair is also made with composition of cells. This is more or less like growth of plants from land. Here growth of hair is basically due to a pushing process, which actually helps in developing your hair, and helps it grow longer. The hair above your skin is also protein, but it is dead, it is actually the root which makes it stand and keep it healthy. 

There have been various stages, for the normal growth of hair. You should know that each month the actual rate of growth of hair is not more than 1 cm. This process actually stays for around 4 years. However, almost 90 % of hairs in normal human being are always on a growing stage, where as almost 10 % reaches maturity, and then fall. One thing, one can actually check is to prevent loss of hair before its maturity. 

Then it is time to rest for a while, which is often termed as resting phase. This is the time when your hair stops growing, and stays stagnant. This is actually the phase where the hair is matured, and is ready to fall. 

But, the cycle never ends. On the very next stage, you will find another one growing in the same place where the last one had fallen. This is actually how it works. However, a permanent damage to the roots is sure to keep your hair restrained from growing, not only that no new hair will get developed there at the place. 

Why our hair does fall: 
Well there have been various reasons for loss in hair, but the primary reason for the loss is due to obstacle in any of growth stages. Most often, person suffering from cancer also suffer from frequent loss of hair. This is primarily because; some of the drugs which prevent cancer often become primary reason for damage of the roots, which promotes growth of hair.  
Even the damages, which are permanent in nature, are often one of the major causes of loss of hair. This is basically due to any chronic disease of the skin, or permanent scar for burn etc.  
Most often it has also been observed, that dryness, as well as untidiness, also causes massive damage to hair scalp. It mostly results in dandruff, and thus damage towards the growth of her is pretty natural. 

One of the most accepted reason for loss of hair is due to gene. Most often you will find that, some members of the family often suffer from baldness, this is due to genetic problem, which is faced by almost all members of the family. 

Does science have an answer to this problem? 
Well, yes to a great extent. Scientists, from their research have found that genetic modification can also result in permanent growth of hair. Hence if this can get cured, it is obvious that no one, hence forth will suffer from baldness.  

How to reduce Loss of Hair: 
Loss of hair is natural, but controlling abnormal losses is always in our own hands. So it is always advised to take good care, else you may leave out without hair. There are some of the vital points, which you need to take care of while you are actually putting a check on frequent loss of hair. 

Frequent loss of hair happens once one tries vigorous styles on their hair, which is usually creates too much of tensions on hair, and at times require application of chemicals. This should always be avoided, as a healthy hair is always a symbol of good style. 

One needs to remember, that a clean head is the perfect place for healthy hair. Hence regular wash, and at the same time periodical shampooing will actually contribute towards the growth of hair. This will only facilitate the normal growing process, and one can actually have good and healthy hair. 

To avoid hair loss, one should keep keen eye on their diet also. Too much of spicy food will only contribute towards loss of hair. Instead, a balanced diet is essential. Moreover, fruit vitamins and necessary minerals, will not only upkeep your health, but at the same time will also continue help you in keeping your hair healthy and glowing. 

Another important aspect, if you want to keep good amount of hair over your head, then you should always try removing tensions out of your head. It is always advised to keep the tensions and worries away from you, as these are the primary culprits, which prevents hair production, and causes loss in hair count. And of course, a good tight sleep at night also is a good remedy for loss in hair count.  
We should always remember, that our hair is like a mirror, which not only acts as a beauty enhancer, but at the same time reflects what kind of health state you are in. hence taking good care of it is absolutely essential.   

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